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Client Testimonials

"The first time I found myself in Tracey's presence, I felt a sense of home -- comfortable, protected, and nurtured. After a few sessions with Tracey,  I not only considered her a brilliant energy worker and alchemist, but a trusted friend and companion on my journey to wholeness. Tracey listens deeply with her wide open heart and speaks with a wisdom beyond her own human experience. She takes her time to understand where I am and what I need before deciding on the energetic approach she will take. On the table, I am transported to a peaceful state of being under her hands. And I always emerge with renewed sense of self and knowing. She then shares her insights and together, we make meaning of the experience and a plan for going forth. I always leave Tracey with deeper understanding of my human experience, affirmed and loved in the most profound way."

~ N.P. Richmond, VA


"Energy sessions with Tracey are always revelatory for me. Whether the final result is a shift in my energy, an increase in my perception or the discovery of a new insight, each session offers an opportunity for introspection and progress. A gifted practitioner, Tracey is the ideal facilitator for anyone interested in undertaking the adventure of personal growth!"

~ S.M. Ivy, VA


“It would not be an understatement to say that Tracey saved my life. From the energy table work, to the verbal take-away 'home-work' each session, to the introduction to other key players in my healing journey, Tracey has been truly life-changing in the work she has performed for me. She is the type of person that anyone participating in the day-to-day 21st-century culture would benefit from seeing - her clientele is varied, so her work is not hyper-specialized - you'll fit right in! Thank you for all that you have done for me so far, Tracey.”

~ J.D. Esmont, VA


"I've had the opportunity to receive healing support from Tracey for over a year now, both in-person and at a distance, and I could not be more grateful for the presence of this supportive relationship in my life. Tracey embodies a warm, compassionate, and affirming approach in her work with clients, while also providing clear and authentic reflection to clients to encourage their growth and accountability. In my conversations with Tracey, I have felt deeply seen, heard, and valued both as a client and as a human being, which has helped me have the confidence to take important, albeit daunting, next steps toward fuller self-expression and visioning in both my personal life and work in the world. Tracey's energy work is subtle while profound, leaving me feeling balanced and rejuvenated on unseen realms long after our sessions together. I highly recommend Tracey's healing support to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy and insightful ally along their path toward greater healing and empowerment!"

~A.S. Charlottesville, VA



"I first went to Tracey when I was in the middle of a major life transition (menopause, teenage kids, major career change, and divorce all in the same year). Conventional therapy had been minimally helpful. I already had a well-developed, honest conversation with myself through journaling. What Tracey helped me to find were the underlying currents that affected my entire life, the things that I could not quite access with my conscious mind. It was amazingly powerful and healing! And I believe her healing work cut years off of what could have been a long, difficult process."

~ D.B. Charlottesville, VA



"Tracey, I'm indebted to you for your love and work with me. Though I am a truth seeker and work really hard on myself, I think before I came to you that I had lost my way. You helped me unscramble in so many ways. You opened some major doors for me to see which suffering was legitimate and how I could get stronger to deal with it -- and just as importantly which suffering was self-inflicted and draining me of the energy I needed to save for the legit stuff that life will always throw our way. And the way you did this was through the perfect mixing of your incredible honesty, warmth, compassion, absence of negative judgment, wisdom, intuitiveness, genuine interest, ability to listen, and, just as importantly, your connectedness to the divine forces out there which I call God."

~ M.M. Charlottesville, VA



"I wanted to experience what energy healing was like and to make faster progress with personal growth. Tracey listened intently to my thoughts, concerns, and issues, providing sage advice, examples, and what I could work on at home after the session is over. She is very thorough at explaining what will happen, how you can help with the session, and what to expect after. She takes great care and time in both preparing for sessions and answering any and all questions after or along the way. The experience of any energy session with Tracey is wonderful. I always leave feeling lighter, centered and more grounded. I definitely recommend Tracey to anyone wishing to enhance their personal growth and heal."

~ N.P. Charlottesville, VA



"Tracey is an energy healer, that is true, but she is also a teacher, mentor, and ally. I have always known I was sensitive but still couldn't understand why things impacted me so much. I've trained in Reiki and body work but couldn't continue because working with people in that way was too overwhelming for me. Tracey has shown me how to work with my own energy field which helps me deal with life much more easily and she has taught me tools and concepts that help me manage my anxiety. I love the healings, but the teaching component has been just as important to me, it has totally shifted my perspective."

~K.R. Nelson County, VA


"I knew basically nothing about energy healing work and had never really considered seeking support in this area. And then there was Tracey. She appeared in my life at just the “right” time: I was at a critical rupture and juncture, simultaneously in a place of extreme suffering and profound healing. My identity upended, I was radically opening to the unplanned and unknowable rest of my life. Tracey seamlessly tapped into my charged state in a number of important ways. The first and most unexpected was by offering very concrete and thorough feedback as real, rooted and practical as anything out there. Her supreme ability to hold complexity and details, capture nuances, and navigate gray areas combined with a vast understanding of human patterns and conditioning such that Tracey is not only an insightful, genuinely invested, patient and thoughtful healer, but she is truly an exceptional one. In the safe, protected space of her studio, Tracey seamlessly transitions to the more esoteric work that happens on her table, work no less studied or unique, carried out with a similar, natural ease. It strikes me that in this realm, as much as Tracey may direct and determine, she knows how to be principally a conduit, sensitively and harmoniously guiding and being guided. I remain open to my experiences on her table, which have ranged from gentle relaxation to life-changing communion with the divine. In addition to the thoroughness during her sessions, she often provided helpful written follow-up, which brings me to my final point: Tracey is far and away one of the most generous people I have ever met. "

~ L.H.  Charlottesville, VA


"After experiencing a mysterious illness that left me with no appetite for several months and resulted in several scary trips to the ER that baffled my medical teams, I decided to give energy healing a try. I found Tracey on the Brennan School’s healer directory after reading one of Brennan’s books during an ER recovery. I resonated with the vibe of Tracey’s site because I could tell she was grounded, kind, peaceful, and connected with nature — like me, when I’m not sick. The first time we met, I felt that she could relate to many of the issues I was dealing with and truly wanted me to heal. She explained what would happen in the session clearly and made me feel very comfortable with something so new. Over the course of a few sessions, we really were getting a handle on what was causing my mystery illness, and I started to feel like I would actually get better. Before seeing Tracey, it felt so uncertain, especially while I was experiencing constant and disruptive testing from all kinds of medical specialists, never with any answers. Tracey helped me discover where I could make changes to help my situation, and if you’re a book lover like me, she also gives excellent recommendations for more in-depth information. I’m happy to report that I’m now feeling healthy and certain that the illness is behind me, and I know it’s thanks to Tracey’s skillful sensitivity and depth of knowledge in the healing arts." 

~ A.S. Charlottesville, VA



"Tracey has supported me through some really challenging events in my life. She has also helped me to heal old wounds. I have learned so much on an emotional, spiritual, and intellectual level about myself, my relationships, and the world around me. This sometimes comes in our conversation beforehand or in images and feelings as she is working with me. Many times I have sensed spiritual beings guiding us. I am immensely grateful that she is with me on my life's journey."

~ C.M. Ivy, VA



"I had not heard of Barbara Brennan energy work before I met Tracey, but a friend recommended her so highly that I was curious. My experience with Tracey and this type of energy work has been very powerful and life changing. I feel the shifts in my body and feel that I am moving in a positive direction that wouldn't have occurred otherwise. I think this type of energy work is powerful, and I am so glad to have discovered it, but I think Tracey herself is truly inspired and I feel blessed to be working with her."

~ P.C. Scottsville, VA



"I'm not a "New Agey" type of person and wasn't sure that I would take to energy work since it was such a strange concept to me. But a friend kept telling me it could help so I decided I didn't have anything to lose. Tracey was very down to earth and able to explain things in ways that made sense. She told me that it may take multiple sessions to see a shift but I felt a difference mentally and physically after our very first session."

~ D.B. Crozet, VA


"Tracey DeGregory is certainly a gifted energy worker and, having been a client for several months, I am a grateful beneficiary of her skill. But her talent as an energy worker only begins to touch the surface. Few people are able to "hold space" for me as well as Tracey does, allowing me to freely explore and resolve issues and conditioned patterns arising in consciousness. She brings an enlightened awareness and wisdom to her work, having invested a lifetime (and, no doubt, a small fortune) in her own growth and evolution. I highly recommend Tracey DeGregory as an energy worker, wise woman, and trusted advisor. Thank you, Tracey, for being a blessing in my life."

~ I.K. Charlottesville, VA


"Feeling stuck and unable to move beyond the depression and anxiety I found myself living with, I was referred to Tracey DeGregory by my family doctor. Although I had already spent a great deal of time in self-exploration, I couldn't seem to find my way. My very first visit with Tracey, I felt a deep sense of safety and acceptance. She listens with deep wisdom and compassion, and her insights brought me closer to my truth. Personal growth and change can be challenging and sometimes painful. But Tracey's warmth, wisdom, and compassion helps ease the journey. Tracey offers healing, but more importantly, she helps you find your way so you can deepen your own healing process. Thank you Tracey, for sharing your gift with me."

~ M.V. Nellysford, VA


"I have been seeing Tracey since last June. I have greatly benefited from all of my work with her. I came to Tracey both for healings and to further my spiritual depth. I have felt like she has helped me immensely. I have felt so much better physically. I don't often have physical problems but when I have in the near past, Tracey has used her gifts to help me heal. But far more important to me, she sits with me and talks about spiritual development. I benefit greatly from these discussions and find with each new appointment, I seem to deepen in my understanding of the spiritual life. I look forward to every appointment with joyful anticipation. I highly recommend Tracey for both physical and spiritual health."

~ E. B. Charlottesville, VA


"Energy healing was a new experience for me. After my first session something shifted. Now I am on the path to wholeness.

Tracey is an exceptionally patient, empathetic listener. Which is healing in itself. She has gently helped me sort through my baggage and find clarity. I am so grateful for all of her wisdom. Tracey has truly changed my life."

~K.C. Afton, VA


“Tracey is the real deal. I've been working with her for over five years, initially for specific issues but now on a regular basis, like a tune up. Her work keeps life in perspective and balanced. I highly recommend her.”

~A.W. Charlottesville, VA


"Tracey DeGregory's wisdom and energy work have led me to a place of healing and self awareness........a balanced and grounded mind, body and spirit. The world Tracey has opened up for me is an amazingly positive and growthful experience.......her healing is gentle and life changing.....I am so grateful."

~ N.R. Scottsville, VA


"Tracey, our session was so helpful and made me feel less alone, more understood, and far more comfortable and aware of what I've been going through. Thank you!"

~ L.S. Richmond, VA


"Following our session, I think I'm beginning to understand life at this moment. Wow. Tears of joy coming from my eyes!"

~ S.R. Charlottesville, VA

"Your life, all of your life, is your path to awakening. By resisting or not dealing with its challenges, you stay asleep to Reality. Pay attention to what life is trying to reveal to you. Say yes to its fierce, ruthless, and loving grace."

~ Adyashanti

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