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Energy Therap​y for

Transformation and Healing


Energy therapy is always best understood by experiencing it - and perhaps by the time you finish exploring this site, you'll be ready to give it a try! In the meantime, I'll give a brief description of what energy work entails while also introducing myself and my services. If you're intrigued and have more specific questions, I'm always happy to discuss it in greater detail, so please feel free to contact me.


Why I ​Love Energy Work

There are so many reasons! Prior to becoming an energy therapist myself, I suffered from chronic illness and sought the help of a healer in order to reclaim my life. The benefits were more wide-reaching than I ever expected. Energy work helped me to inhabit my body more fully. I began speaking my truth and expressing my emotions with greater freedom. It created more self-awareness and the ability to tap into greater wisdom. I stopped accepting spiritual truths on "blind faith" and instead developed a deep trust based on my own experience of connecting with Source. It helped me to claim inner strength and power that I didn't even know I had. Most of all, it clarified the difference between truly living and merely existing. And now it's incredibly exciting to assist others to realize these same benefits for themselves.


Are you ready to have an ally on your journey?

Imagine a space of beauty

where you rest

in the compassionate wisdom

of your own guides

working to free your own forces

to align you with your destiny

and the one

who holds that space

for your becoming

is Tracey.

~ written by client M.B. of Palmyra, VA

What clients are saying

Tracey is wonderful to work with. She is sensitive, caring, and deeply intuitive, and I always come away from healing sessions with her having

received extraordinarily helpful insights and new perspectives along with the energetic healing. I highly recommend Tracey to anyone looking for an authentic, dedicated healer who is highly skilled and deeply committed to her work and those she works with.

~ N.K. Charlottesville, VA

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