Tracey DeGregory - Transformation and Healing
"In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy."
~Nobel prize-winning scientist Albert Szent-Györgi
What is Energy Healing?
An energy healer is someone who has the ability to channel various frequencies of energy in order to create beneficial change in another's energy field.  It is a co-creative process in which the healer and the client journey together on a path toward wholeness.  Energy healing has ancient roots and can be found in many cultures and spiritual traditions.  Indian spiritual texts over 5,000 years old describe a universal energy called Prana as the source and breath of all life.  Yogis practice the manipulation of this energy through breathing techniques, meditation and physical exercises.  Thousands of years ago, the Chinese theorized that all matter is composed of and pervaded by a universal energy called Ch’i; they developed the art of acupuncture to balance this life-force by applying thin needles to the body‘s energy meridians.  In modern times, energy medicine is one of the four main categories of "complementary and alternative medicine" identified by the National Institute of Health.  Modalities such as Reiki, Qi Gong healing, shamanism, Healing Touch, and Brennan Healing Science are all examples of energy work.    
The Human Energy Field (HEF) is an energetic matrix which underlies the physical body.  The HEF consists of multiple levels that interpenetrate one another in successive layers of increasing frequency.  Each layer has a distinct appearance and governs physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual functions. 
What are Chakras? 
Within the Human Energy Field are the chakras (a Sanskrit term).  A chakra is a spinning vortex or funnel of energy that corresponds to the major nerve plexuses in that area of the physical body.  When the chakras are functioning optimally, each will be "open," drawing in and metabolizing the particular energies needed from the universal field. 
As a human being matures and the chakras develop, each chakra governs psychological patterns evolving in the individual's life.  From earliest childhood, most of us instinctively react to unpleasant experiences by blocking our feelings and stopping a great deal of our natural energy flow (shallow breathing is one way we do this, as is tightening muscles).  This affects the development and maturation of the chakras, resulting in the inhibition of a fully balanced psychological function.  For example, if a child reaches out and is repeatedly rejected instead of being met with love, he may stop trying to connect lovingly with others.  In doing so, he will reduce the energy flow through the heart chakra, which will affect the chakra's development; over time, a physical problem is likely to result.  Whenever a person blocks whatever experience he is having, he in turn blocks his chakras, which eventually become disfigured.  The chakras become clogged with stagnated energy, spin irregularly and may eventually become severely distorted.
How does Brennan energy work differ from other types of energy healing?
While there are various types of energy healing, many of them are learned over the course of a few weekend workshops.  Some who complete these brief trainings are able to become accomplished healers through their own persistence or innate ability; however, many others end up working with forces they barely understand.  I was initially drawn to the Brennan school due to my very positive experience of working with a Brennan healer to resolve my own health issues, but I enrolled because of the thoroughness and integrity of the training.   Prior to opening her school in 1982, Barbara Brennan was a NASA physicist in addition to being a naturally gifted healer.  I feel that her scientific approach to exploring the human energy field has been integral in creating the most professional training program that currently exists in the field of energy medicine.  Hundreds of students have traveled to the Brennan school in Florida five times each year to experience hands-on training; those who have attended the school come from over 50 different countries.  All graduates have completed 4 years of training which includes at least 900 classroom study hours, over 100 documented client sessions, a senior thesis, an oral case presentation to the faculty, Anatomy and Physiology coursework, and a minimum of 72 sessions of personal therapy.  The program is also one of intense personal transformation, focused on assisting students in recognizing and addressing their own issues, which enables them to become more fully present for their clients.
What is a healing session like?
At the beginning of each session you are given an opportunity to share what has been going on in your life and discuss your immediate concerns.  Then you will lie fully-clothed on a massage table while I work with my hands resting lightly on, or above, your body.  There are many techniques that I may employ, including restructuring areas of the field, clearing stagnant energy, and holding various frequencies to create resonance between our energy fields.  The actual experience varies widely among clients; even the same client will experience each session differently.  Sometimes there will be a feeling of relaxation, peace, or bliss.  Sometimes there are emotional releases or physical sensations.  Sometimes a client will feel nothing while he or she is on the table, but later will notice a new groundedness or inner spaciousness.  Each time you leave the session, your energy field will be more clear, charged, and balanced.  This provides your system with the experience of a different, healthier way of being, allowing old, rigid patterns to begin to shift. 
What can a healer do?
An “energy healer” is actually more accurately described as a facilitator.  Your body has its own innate wisdom and is always striving to bring itself into balance.  A healer can create changes within your energy system which support your conscious intention for healing, making it easier for such a shift to occur.  However, a willingness to explore your own emotions, beliefs and attitudes, as well as a commitment to self-care in the form of a healthy diet, exercise, and nurturing relationships play an important role in helping such shifts become part of your permanent reality.  Additionally, healing and curing are two different things.  In some cases, a person with a serious illness may experience deep healing through improved relationships or enhanced spiritual connection, while the physical condition remains unchanged.  I have been trained in numerous techniques which support the body's ability to heal itself; however, specific outcomes vary by individual and cannot be guaranteed.
How many sessions will I need?  And how often will I need to see you?
As each client is unique, there isn't a specific number of recommended sessions.  Some clients feel their goals are met quickly, while for others the process evolves more slowly.  Frequency of sessions also vary - many clients have a regularly scheduled "maintenance" session once per month, while those who are focused on healing a specific issue may choose to see me more often.   
Can I do energy healing in addition to other types of healing practices?
Absolutely!  Energy healing is not meant to be a substitute for medical care or psychological counseling and I encourage all clients to be under the care of a licensed physician (and a therapist, if needed).  Energy work is also complementary to other healing modalities such as acupuncture or massage.  You do not need prior experience or an understanding of energy work in order for it to be effective.  My clients have included hairdressers, teachers, computer programmers, college students, and physicians, many of whom had never heard of energy work before coming to see me. 
What types of clients do you see?  Is energy work recommended for certain conditions?
My areas of specialization include women's issues, assisting those who are in transition (such as divorce, job changes, or children leaving home) and those seeking to shift long-term patterns, including those related to health conditions.  I particularly enjoy assisting people who are in the process of creating a more conscious and authentic life.  I also have personal experience with chronic illness and understand the process of uncovering the deeper roots that underlie these types of diseases.  Energy work can be beneficial for a wide variety of conditions and circumstances because it affects the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of the human energy field, so I work with clients with a very wide range of issues.