Tracey DeGregory - Transformation and Healing
My story...
One day I sat down to meditate with a question in mind.  I was at a crossroads, wondering about the next step in my life.  At that time I wasn't in the habit of asking for guidance so I didn't really expect a response.  But I heard the answer quite clearly: I needed to go to healing school.  "Really?" I asked this voice that was clearly not my own.  "You're sure about this?"  Becoming a healer had never been a part of my plan....
But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense.  The "dots" were all there, I had just never connected them before.  I grew up with a younger brother who had serious mental challenges (developmental delays and mental illness) and my close relationship with him led me to develop a strong sense of compassion and empathy.  I had always pondered the deeper meaning of life, which led me to obtain an interdisciplinary degree in Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy.  I had worked for many years in the social services field, which honed my ability to communicate easily with people from all walks of life, to listen fully and discern what was needed.  And for many years I suffered from a variety of chronic illnesses, which created a strong commitment to improving my health and led me on an unexpected journey into the world of energy work.
For most of my life, "energy" and "healing" were alien concepts.  I was a firm believer in conventional medicine and tried every pill and procedure my doctors recommended.  But Western medicine is admittedly at a loss when it comes to certain chronic problems.  So when my doctors told me that they had done all they could do and I would just have to "learn to live with it," I began to explore other options.  I eventually stumbled upon energy work and the specific technique that assisted me in healing my chronic issues was Brennan Healing Science.  It was not a fast process, but because it helped me get to the root of my physical ailments, I not only saw great improvement in my physical health, but also in my emotional well-being, my mental perspective, my relationships, and my spiritual connection.  More importantly, I went from feeling completely debilitated by what I saw as circumstances beyond my control to feeling empowered and transformed.  My healing journey is one of several featured in a PBS documentary entitled Choosing Wisdom: The Path Through Adversity and in a related book by the same name.
Once I made the decision to trust the guidance I received and enroll in the four-year program at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, I dove right in and soon realized that I had found my calling.  This intensive training was one of the most challenging and amazing times of my life; the only thing that has been more rewarding is having my own professional healing practice and helping others as I have been helped. 

Since graduating from the Brennan School, I have continued on a spiritual and healing path that has included several years of training (800+ hours) in VortexHealing®, as well as meditation study and retreat with Adyashanti. I am also currently participating in a year-long facilitator training for Philip Shepherd's Radical Wholeness/Embodied Presence Process.
What else can I tell you about myself?  After a childhood of moving from state to state, I knew that I was finally "home" as soon as I settled in the Charlottesville area in 1986.  The last 25+ years have been spent creating a joyful and fulfilling partnership with my husband, Dave.  When not busy with healing work, I enjoy reading, cooking, music, hiking, kayaking and traveling.